Learning to Pray

I never feel like I am praying enough. The scriptures tell us to pray without ceasing (1 Thes. 5:17)  and the effectual, fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5:16)

I'm not a theologian and I won't pretend to have the comprehensive answer on how we should pray.  Instead, I'd like to share my thoughts based on my own journey. Prayer, in its most basic form, is simply talking with our creator. I've read some wonderful articles and even a few books on the topic but ultimately, it all comes down to communication with our Father.

As a child, I would lie in my bed at night and pray with my head under the covers. I was simply talking to God in the manner that I understood Him. At some point, I started to feel that this wasn't right because I was not in the proper 'prayer pose'-- on my knees,eyes closed, head bowed, hands placed together in the traditional prayer manner. That idea seriously affected my prayer life because it's not very practical to spend much (or any?) time in that pose. Who thought that up?  Where did we ever get that idea?

Thankfully, I now feel a lot more freedom in my prayer life. I talk to Him while I am in the shower, while I am readying for the day, while I am driving, between the classes I teach, during a grocery shopping trip, pretty much anywhere. Sometimes it's an ongoing discussion about the things that are happening in my life. Other times it's praise for everything He provides. Often,but not nearly enough, it might be for someone else.

I'll bare my soul here and share a typical conversation I have with Him:
Good morning Father. Thank you for this day and the opportunity to be used for YOUR GLORY. Lord, you know what's been on my mind and I want you to know that I'm trusting you.  I know you will never leave me and I know you promise to use everything for the good of those that love You.  I LOVE YOU so I am in that group! 
Sometimes, I get a little afraid, and I have felt my hope waiver. Please forgive me for that.  Thank you for your mercy, your faithfulness and for being my help in the time of trouble. My hope is in YOU....and Father, I'm trying really hard to walk this journey in a way that brings honor to your name.  If there's something I need to change, please make me aware of that. Thank you for loving me.  Amen.

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  1. What a beautiful prayer. Like you, I used to think I had to have the perfect prayer. I never felt like I did. Praise God that we can just talk to Him. Thank you for your wisdom and candidness. Love ya!! Xoxo