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Unmending the Veil

Unmending the Veil implies that somehow the torn Temple veil has been mended. Stitch by stitch, Robin has closed her heart off to God. Years have passed since a nearly fatal attack by her husband, and still, she is paralyzed by fear and grief. When faced with the command to forgive all things, will Robin be able to forgive the man who nearly killed her, forgive God for taking what mattered most, and forgive herself for her own attempt at murder?

Read a couple of the reviews:
"I loved this book, and the profound messages woven throughout. When I counsel women, I often recommend Unmending the Veil to those affected by the topics addressed in the book. Besides being incredibly well written and entertaining, I found great Biblical truths that helped me personally in my life. I highly recommend this book, and the Bible lessons that go along with it."
 "I don't think I have read a fictional book like this one in my entire life. There was so much biblical truth packed inside; I was thrilled with all the scripture used. The book took me a few days to get through, not because it was boring, but because it had so much emotion within, I could only read in small doses. It truly is wonderful, and I can tell God is really using Lisa in big ways. I am excited to get started on the supplemental Bible study she offers on her website."

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Lucy's Mansion
In this sequel to Rogue Trust, Becca and J.T. try to follow God's plan for their lives as they begin their relationship anew. But, trouble is on the way. Becca buys Lucy Evan's home and plans to turn the luxurious mansion into a shelter for battered women. Not only do the residents of the affluent community surrounding Lucy's Mansion detest Becca's new money, they do not want those unfortunate women in their neighborhood. Moving the shelter to Lucy's mansion violates zoning laws and a complaint has been filed. If it's upheld by the city council, the women and children living in Lucy's mansion will be forced to vacate and they have no place to go.

As Becca and J.T. join hands to fight City Hall, strong mutual attraction and ample chemistry pull them together, but the path to marital bliss for the widow and confirmed bachelor is bumpy and winds along the edge of a steep cliff.

Haunted by the past and present responsibilities, neither feels free to love again. Becca's twelve-year-old daughter insists second marriages are bad for kids and Becca can't ignore her child's plea, "Mom. Please don't marry J.T." Struggling with his fear of rejection and wounded by a past relationship, J.T. can't face the possibility of a second broken heart. Tension climbs higher when J.T. sees Becca in the arms of another man and Becca hears rumors of another woman.

Is the love drawing them together strong enough to overcome the forces pulling them apart?

"Just finished this book and it was as well written as the others from this author. The story is the follow-up to the Rouges Trust and I was anxious to know how Becca used the money. The characters are well defined and interesting. I noticed a couple of references to future romances and hopes the author follows up with those. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes Christian Romance or mystery's."

Couldn't put this one down. With life's resonsibilities, I was caused to have to stop every now & then but was always eager to get back to reading. J.T. Will make a wonderful father for Amy K. It isn't easy to outsmart a twelve year old but he did that in such a clever way. You will have to read the book to understand this triangle of love expressions."

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