A Promise...

Things have been really challenging for my family.  My grandson is in the PICU waiting for a heart transplant.  He was placed on an artificial heart two weeks ago. This past Wednesday, he had a massive brain bleed and a stroke. The neurology team didn't want to intervene and insisted that he simply spend his remaining hours with his parents. The cardiac team fought them and insisted that they give him a chance by taking him into surgery. (Lord, please bless that doctor!!)

When we received the news that he was headed into surgery, my husband and I threw clothes into a bag and left for the hospital. We managed to make the four hour drive in just over three hours. Along the way we read Psalms, prayed, and sang worship songs. At some point, peace settled over us and we both felt strongly that he would be OK.

Just before arriving at the hospital, we received the news that Nolan was out of surgery and that it had gone much better than expected. Today, four days later, he's stable and still recovering.

Through all of this, one thing that has been constant is the presence of my Lord. He's been constant and faithful. I am painfully aware that He never promised me a trouble-free life. However, He did promise He'd never leave me!  He has kept that promise.

Please, pray for my grandson.  Updates on his story are here: We Heart Nolan


  1. Hello.
    Your family will definitely be in my thoughts.

  2. My prayers are constant. I am still in awe of the beautiful miracles your family has experienced through this ordeal. He is good and faithful. No, He never said life would be easy, but He has promised to never leave us. For that, I am ever grateful. Much love to you and your family.