Into The Word Wednesday ~ Self Talk

This is my first post for a special blog hop called Into The Word Wednesday.  

Psalm 42:11 

Sometimes, life feels overwhelming. I'd love to say that I am able to praise Him in all things, but sadly, there are times when I fail. I've had moments when depression, stress, discouragement, and fear have become larger than everything else.

This Psalm changed my life. It's an example of David talking to himself.  He's taking charge and saying, "SELF- stop being so depressed. KNOCK IT OFF. Hope in GOD. I'm going to continue praising Him!"  (Forgive my liberties with paraphrasing.)

David didn't wait for his circumstances to improve. He didn't wait to feel better. He didn't wait for a fresh inspiration. He told himself to stop allowing discouragement to rule and then declared that he would PRAISE GOD.

My goal is to stop allowing my circumstances to rule my thoughts. No matter what is happening in my life, I will hope in God and I will yet praise Him!


  1. Beautiful and so true. It is often hard not to let our circumstances dictate thoughts, feelings, and actions. Much love to you! Thanks for always bringing my perspective to where it counts....God. :-)

  2. You are so right, praising God is probably the quickest and easiest way OUT of discouragement. Thanks for the reminder, sweet sister!