Forgetting What is Behind

A new year is upon us and this is a time to pause, reflect, and consider how to improve the coming year. Many people will make resolutions, mostly about dieting, and others will happily leave the former year in the dust. I'm probably part of the latter group because this has been a really difficult year for my family.  After many months of waiting in a hospital, my beautiful grandson received a heart transplant a few weeks ago.  (THANK YOU JESUS!)

Prior to his transplant, we were in a constant state of fear and anxiety, holding on to hope with both fists.  My faith has been tested to the extreme and it has withstood the test. I am still trusting in my God, believing His word, and I know that He is FAITHFUL.

While I want to reflect on the past year, I also want to forget this storm and move forward. Now, more than ever, I want to focus on pressing on toward the goal. I want to please my God! I want to complete all that He's called me to do.

Fellow believers, the time is SHORT! Press on!

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  1. Love this verse and post! So, so glad you stopped by Ephesians Wife! Can't wait to read more :)

    Praise God about your grandson's transplant. May that precious boy be surrounded by the healing power of our mighty God. Thank you for your faithfulness and perspective that our lives are lived to please the Lord.

    Have a wonderfully blessed New Years :)