Dangerous Comparisons

I'm currently working on a new book that tackles a very serious topic, hypocrisy and corruption in ministry.  It's a tough subject, but I am committed to producing a an engaging story with some thought provoking circumstances. Most of all, I want to bring God's truth to the topic. 

Today, I was writing some dialogue between two characters. They were discussing a few examples of church leaders who publicly failed, making all Christians look bad in the process. The main character made this statement: 
"All Christians have to decide what level of commitment they are willing to live. If we spend our time comparing ourselves to others, we will always find someone performing better and someone not doing as well.  We can use that to excuse our bad behavior or we can aspire to be better."
This is so true. It's not helpful to spend our time focusing on how everyone else behaves.  There will always been Christians who are more or less committed that you are.  It's never a good idea to gauge our own behavior based on the observations of others.  

Almost every non-Christian I've ever talked with with cite the hypocrisy in the church members as one of the reasons they don't want to be a part of it. As a believer, this pains my heart. I don't believe anyone is intentionally acting hypocritically. Christians are judged harder and their actions are  reviewed with much greater intensity.  I'm not sure that is fair. 

My encouragement to non-believers is to base their faith decisions on Jesus and the bible and not on imperfect people who fail just like anyone else.  Instead of waiting for the perfect Christian before you make a commitment to God, focus on Jesus.  He's the only one that got it 100% right.  

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