Hey Satan, It's Not Over

As a nation, we're all reeling from the shock of the tragedy that took the lives of so many innocents in Sandy Hook Elementary. Our hearts are burdened and the unanswerable questions fill our thoughts. How can such evil exist?  Why would anyone wish to inflict so much pain on so many people?  

As I cried out to God, this scripture rang through my mind and I've been meditating on it ever since. The God of PEACE will SOON crush Satan under YOUR feet!  God is good!  He understands our hearts so well.  He reminds us that HE is the God of Peace and then He assures us that the offender will not ultimately prevail. I love that this promise is followed by a reminder of the GRACE of Lord Jesus. I need that grace every single day.   

Satan may think he's won a victory here, but I'm happy to remind him that his days are numbered. He will SOON be crushed. He knows the bible and he knows this is all true. I wonder if he is scrambling to cause as much pain as possible because he knows his end is near. 

My sincere prayer is that the comfort of the Holy Spirit would be with these families in the coming days. I'm not getting involved in the predictable gun control debates. I'm not planning to listen to the various experts attempt to make sense of this. I will continue to cry out to my God and focus on His promises.  Satan will soon be crushed!

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