The Deepest Fear

I teach a careers class at a Christian high school.  I've been blessed with a group of students who are very honest and don't just tell me what I want to hear. For example, they don't tell me that their first concern is pleasing God if that is not the truth. Their candor has opened the door to discussions that have been really insightful.

Tonight, I've been thinking back on today's class. We were talking about future career plans and how those choices should be made. We determined that there are three reasons most people select a career:

            1. Money
            2. Interests
            3. Personal fulfillment 
We fully discussed each of these reasons and how they might not be the best reason to make a choice. Money is not the source of happiness. Interests can change. Our quest for personal fulfillment will always leave us empty.

I encouraged them to think about God and his plan for their lives. They looked at me with blank stares. I took the discussion in another direction. I asked each of them, "If you fully trusted God and allowed Him to direct your career, what is your worst fear? Where do you fear God might lead you?"

They each shared their ideas and some were predictable. Two worried about being sent to foreign lands as a missionary, one feared becoming a pastor, and another shared her fear of public speaking.  Invariably, they were concerned that if they submitted fully to God, things would be unpleasant.  They clearly don't have a grasp of the loving, kind, wonderful God that we serve. They are afraid to trust Him and, given their current point of view, I can't blame them.

I think we've all been there and, to some extent, we can still be in that place. Do we really believe that if we fully submit and trust God, He will take us someplace that we will despise?  If, in our deepest heart, we don't trust our Father, how can we completely submit to His will?

Tonight, I'm examining myself carefully. I am thankful for these students who have challenged and inspired me.

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