Be not Afraid, Only Believe

A text popped up telling me that my grandson was in trouble again. Another grim medical situation had occurred. I felt the panic hit and my breath was stolen. I cried out to God, 'WHY? Why is this happening again?"

Fighting tears, I tried to pray.  My thoughts were scattered and it was hard to focus. Suddenly, one clear thought came to the surface; Be not afraid, only believe. 

This was a verse from Mark that I had recently read.  Jairus' daughter was near death. He came to Jesus for help. By the time they arrived, it was reported that his daughter had died already.  Jesus assured this worried father telling him, "Be not afraid, only believe." 

Jesus then went to the little girl and raised her from her sick bed. One report claimed she was dead but Jesus had another report.  

As soon as I heard those words in my spirit, my anxiety started to calm.
Within an hour, I was totally at peace.  Shortly after that I learned that the crisis had passed and he was OK.  

If you are in the midst of a storm, cry out to God. He will meet you there. He'll never leave and He will never fail you.  


  1. Beautiful. I've also found that when I'm in a crisis where there's nothing I can do immediately to fix it, I just need to breathe, release, and let God work.

  2. Your faith encourages and inspires me, sweet friend. I am blessed by how the Lord is using you, even in the midst of hardships.