My heart is so heavy

All authors will receive some low-scoring reviews. It comes with the territory and you have to accept that not everyone will enjoy everything you write.  It still stings a little when it happens, but we accept the good and the bad and hope to learn from each.

My recent release of "Unplanned" has cause some surprising reactions. The book is about an unmarried woman who gets pregnant after a one-night stand. She is employed by her church and risks losing her job because of her mistake. The book chronicles her fears about how people will react and the surprising support she receives. Of course, there is a love interest, because that how these stories are written  Does someone really want to read about a woman that is pregnant, losing her job and friends, and is left alone? That wouldn't leave me with a smile or much hope. How about you?

The reactions I have received from a few Christians has really surprised me. One reviewer was extremely angry at the entire book.  She didn't believe a church would respond that way, she said it was judgmental, and it seemed to me, she had somehow been hurt in a church setting.  Another reviewer said it was a fairy tale, not just fiction.  One reviewer titled her response with "In Your Dreams" and she also is certain that no church would ever respond the way the people in the story responded.  After reading her reply, I understand where she's coming from.

Here's an interesting twist-- the story is loosely based on a true situation that really happened. A 29-year-old single mom who was active in her church got pregnant after a one-night stand with her ex-boyfriend.  She went to her pastor right away and he went to the board to figure out how the church would respond. The church rose to her support and were beside her through the entire pregnancy. They provided prayer support as well as real-life support with things like helping her move, caring for her children while she was in the hospital, and throwing her a baby shower to make sure she had everything she needed. She also had the help of a male 'friend' who was beside her throughout the pregnancy and a few years later, they married! That baby is now 13, she still attends the same church, and that person is ME.

My heart is sad and heavy because the negative reviews were not reflective of my writing.  Those reviews were reflective of the church-- the body of CHRIST.  People cannot believe that the body can respond in the manner they ought to. That brings me to tears.


  1. I think the negative reviews are sad. They sound like some very judgemental people. Forgiveness is the example of Christ. I was an unmarried teen mother, and I had a world of judgement on me. I would love to read your book.

  2. It's sad that anyone would feel that the church was more judgmental than loving.

  3. I can't wait to read this book. I was a single mom in the church and our church actually does a special thing on mother's day to support them. Don't let the negativity get you down, just pray for them to have whatever hurt drives them to have this attitude be healed. It's all we can do :)

  4. Interesting! I'm downloading your book on kindle, because I would LOVE to read this "fairy tale". I am a 38 year old single mom, and pregnant. I believe it's possible for my church to respond this way, but as I have been told by my pastor, my family will only be accepted back into the church if I break up with this unborn baby's father. I have been told I can no longer take communion until I do that and also fully repent of my sin. We will likely be finding another church.

  5. Dyln- I would very much like to talk with you and support you as you go through the coming months. Please send me an email at

    I pray your church comes through for you. Either way, I'd love to support you.