Fight for the Dream

Dreams are fragile. We have our hopes and goals, but all too quickly they are often thwarted by (what we perceive to be) reality. If you have the courage to voice your dreams, there's a good chance some well-meaning soul will quickly tell you all the reasons why it's not a possibility. 

We have a choice; we can allow the dreams to die or we can fight for them.  I hope you'll choose the latter.  Dreams are worth the fight!  Don't give them up! It takes patience, focus and work to realize a dream.  There will be places along the way where giving up will seem like the logical thing to do.  Defy logic and keep moving forward.  

I've had the privilege to see some of my dreams come to fruition. I'll share one with you.  I went to community college as an 'adult learner' and was the oldest student in most of my classes.  My time at this college changed my life in dramatic ways.  I credit some excellent teachers that were a part of this path.  After I graduated, I dreamed of coming back to that college as a teacher.  At the time, it seemed completely impossible, but I gently tucked the dream into the a safe corner of my heart.  

A few years later I started to ponder this dream. I was not happy in my current position and I started to investigate the possibility of teaching. I learned that I needed a Master's degree to be qualified.  I immediately researched programs in my area and within two weeks, I was enrolled in evening classes.  18 months later, I graduated.  

At the time, I was employed, making decent money and there were no teaching positions available on the college website.  I checked from time to time, but found nothing that matched my qualifications.  The dream began to fade and I started to wonder if I had wasted my time and money earning the graduate degree.  

Then, some unexpected things happened.  I had a health crisis that forced me to leave my job for a couple months. After I was cleared to return to work, I decided I couldn't handle the idea of returning to a job I hated.  My husband was patient and gave me some time to find a new position because we couldn't afford to live on a single income. 

And then, a miracle happened!  I received an email alert about an adjunct position at the college I had attended. I eagerly applied and prayed they would call me for an interview.  Two days later, they called!  I interviewed, was hired, and then taught my first class by the end of the week.  MY DREAM CAME TRUE!

It took nearly ten years for my dream to become reality.  I've been teaching for a few years now, still part-time, and I absolutely love it. I wake up on Mondays with excitement in my heart.  I love to go to work. My students are important to me and I am honored to speak into their lives.  Many stay in touch and I love to see where their paths lead.  I encourage them to keep dreaming.  

I'm still dreaming.  

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  1. I appreciate your testimony, Heather, and I'm with you in fighting for the dreams God gives us. He is so good, and His plans are always for our best. :-)