Just in time for the holidays- A Pine Cove Christmas

A novella that reflects how tragedy and fate can collide in ways people could never have planned and their lives are forever touched. 

Ben and Joelle are on the verge of divorce but each pretend not to notice for the sake of their daughter, Emma. The family heads out on a holiday road trip complete with pasted smiles, forced laughs, and the hope that they can find some holiday happiness for their small child. 

After Kate lost her baby, she gave up everything, including her marriage. Newly single, the last thing she wants to do is to spend the holidays with her pregnant, happily married sister. She packs a suitcase and makes reservations at a fancy hotel in the city where she hopes she can be anonymous. 

A flash snowstorm strands both cars in the Adirondack mountains and they find shelter in the Pine Cove Inn, which has been closed since the owners, Steve and Mary, lost their young daughter in a tragic accident. They take in the travelers, forcing them to face a host of emotions about their loss and their future. 

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